New Car Showroom/Dealership

I am opening a new Car Dealership Showroom on Future City 1. There will be some nice mesh cars to choose from for FREE.

Car Dealer

Next Reality Grid Donations

I just wanted to thank everyone who has visited the International Airport Welcome Area and used the Paypal Donation Box. All the Donations including the $1 donations you have given have helped to keep the Next Reality Grid alive for another month. Once again thank you very much. These Donations are very much appreciated and valued. 

Welcome Back to Future City

After 3-4 weeks work I have finally managed to get the original Next Reality Grids FUTURE CITY back up and running. After losing Next Reality Grid sometime ago I finally tracked down all the files and converted them back into oars. Then it was down to figuring out how the City was originally placed.

Now it’s back to its original former glory. 17 full regions with many shops, superstores, skyscrapers, clubs, Underground and overground Tram system and much much more.

The City is not a Megaregion or Var but 17 separate regions. So there are obvious borders, but if you take care when crossing there are no problems.

Please consider there are something like 200,000 prims in this City so it sometimes takes a few seconds for things to rez. If items take a bit longer especially in the shops just use edit mode and left click and the texture soon pops back in.

This is a great City and is well worth a visit with lots to see and explore. Why not try to find the Unicorns (Not the ones on Region 1) and small caves. Jump on the Underground Tram and take a ride.

I am considering turning the City into either a Megaregion or VAR Setup, but not sure how they will respond to having a huge amount of prims.

If you visit the City please let me know your thoughts and any problems you might encounter.

I will get a Taxi setup from the International Airport to the City.

Future City 1 Future City 2 Future City 3 Future City 4 Future City 5 Future City 6 Future City 7

Legal Notice


Public Notice To Adam 01Time/Adam Time/Lord Drakeo/Adam Time time/DJ Adam01time/all other alts and aliases/real given name:

You do not have my permission to mention or refer to me in any form, either directly or obliquely, via text, video or voice, in or out of virtual worlds using any format whatsoever. You do not have my permission to record me, my voice or my person in any way using any format.

If you do so I will exercise any and all applicable legal means at my disposal, swiftly, including court action. This serves as my public notice and declaration.

Mike Hart

Next Reality Grid Money

Now that The Next Reality Grid has a Money Module installed, all new members registering on the grid will get 1000 NR$.

Register Here:

Having money will make it a little bit more fun/realistic while in world. You will be able to Rent Shops or Buildings, AdBoards, Tip and Pay people and much more. Why not rent a shop for a few NR$ and make some more ? 

*** PLEASE NOTE *** The currency is only for in game fun and cannot be changed or transferred into real life money.

New Landing Area

New landing area on The Next Reality Grid Hypergrid Region.

Passenger Truck

New Hypergrid Region

The Next Reality Grid has a new Hypergrid Region available. 

Here’s how it works.

Go to the International Airport Welcome and go upstairs to the Departures Lounge. Walk through either Gate A or Gate B and down the Jetway to an awaiting Jumbo Jet. As you board the plane you will be transported to the Hypergrid Region.

Once you arrive you will be standing outside the Jumbo Jet on the Tarmac and the Hypergrid gates will be in front of you.

There are 15 gates and I have 5 done at the moment. Just a bit more of a fun way to Hyperjump.

Hypergrid Region 1 Hypergrid Region 2

New Full Avatars

I have just put up 4 new Full Avatars for Visitors to The Next Reality Grid. They are available in the International Airport Welcome Region. These are Free to use and distribute, so please do not sell them.


Next Reality Grid Promo

[embedplusvideo height=”283″ width=”450″ editlink=”″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=7XsXm3Pjs3o&width=450&height=283&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep7190″ /]

A New Promotional Video for The Next Reality Grid

Region Rental

At the moment I have 4 Full regions on The Next Reality Grid. The regions are running with Bullet and come with a 15,000 prim limit. The grid is Hypergrid enabled and has Groups, Profile, Search and Offline messaging. There is no fee for uploads or group creation.

The Grid runs on a high Performance Server. Intel Xeon E3 – 4 Core – 3.2 Ghz – 2TB HD with 32gb Ram and a 1 Gbps Network Connection. 99.99% uptime.

The region can be Residential or Commercial – $10 per month